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Do You Love Chocolate?

Emily can teach you how to make pralines. You can drive Muriel to the airport.


Timebanking is a way of exchanging skills and services in a community. Instead of dollars, time credits are used as payment. You earn time credits for the services you provide and then use the credits to 'buy' another member's time to get the services you need. Everyone's time is equal. It doesn't matter if you're giving legal advice, teaching a language, offering companionship or walking someone's dog, 1 hour = 1 time credit.

The Mid Canterbury TimeBank's slogan is Connect, Contribute, Belong. We want to connect people in the community and provide a way for their skills to be made known and shared. Everyone has something to contribute... a listening ear, ability to drive others to appointments, a hand in the garden, beauty tips, car advice... the list is endless. 

We can make life that little bit easier and more fun for everyone in our community through communication and sharing of our time and skills. Join us today! 

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Attend a Starter Session to find out exactly how the TimeBank works.

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Meet other members by responding to a request or offer or listing your own. 



Mid Canterbury TimeBank, Community House
44 Cass St. Ashburton

Office Phone: 03 308 1237
Phone: 022-3997301

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